Awkward moment,

Really dont like if you say “APATIS”, you know what you say ? eventhough you not look yourself on mirror. you know HURT ? yahh…one week you make me hurt. hurt my self, hurt my feel and hurt my brain.

you dont understand after we one years make a relationship. you always say
“yayaya” or “i am sorry this my mistake”.

when you understand what i mean ???!! How long i wait that ? one year ? two year ? three year or nothing happen…and still same like now ?

just want to REFRESH and push F5 button on my brain..so all of your fault clean dont have a mark anywhere.


Benjamin Franklin - Quote

Did I mention that I hate people who likes to show off?
If you’re good in something,
Of course you can show off,
But if you’re not,
Stop acting like you’re so good.

You wanna get attractions?
Fine, you got it.
But you’re also telling people how suck-ish you’re at the same time.


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