1-What time is it? 19.58
2-Your favourite color?: black, white, red
3-Your favourite number?: 6
4-name and nickname: Rochmaningtyas P.W / tyas
5-birthday : 06041990
6-Date that you usually celebrate your birthday: at that day
7-Mascot/Pets: parfum/he’s dead 😦
8-How tall are you? i dont know, 155
9-Eyes color: dark brown
10-Hair color: red purple like brown (⌣́_βŒ£Μ€)
11-Piercings?: nope
12-Tattoos?: yes, on mw left hand and my stomach
13-Do you like your work/studies?: i love my works and anything my activies
14-Birthplace: Denpasar
15-Your favorite city: i think Istanbul
16-Best friends: Tika n Tantri
17-Have you been in love previously? yes
19-Have you been in Africa? Nope
20-Have you been drunk anytime? I don’t like drunk
21-Did you love somebody as much as it made you cry? Yes..hahahasuuu
22-Did you have a car accident? Nope, just for motorcycle usually.. πŸ˜€
23-Cake or jello? Jello!
24-A book you have read more than once: Feel, 5cm
25-Sprite or Seven Up? Natural water
26-Wine or beer?: tea
27-Sheets plains or with drawings?: sheets plains
28-Can you cook? Maybe,
29-Color of socks? White-black
30-Foot size? 40
31.Where do you like that they kiss you? lips…
32-Favorite movie? August Rush,
33-Favorite holiday? Malang, jakarta \(Λ˜β–½Λ˜)/
34-Food or favourite dish? fooooood!!
35-Favourite day ot the week?:from friday to sunday.. yihaaa!
36-Favourite singer/group and favourite song? Maroon 5, Maliq
37-TV programme: News and Adzan Magrib, haha
39-Favourite perfume? BLVGARI
40-A flower? Rose
41-Alcoholic drink: nope
42-Sport to watch on TV? foootball! arema and basketball
43-What do you like most of Internet? FB, browsing latest information
44-Tom or Jerry? Spongebob!
45-A film director? Mira Lesmana
46-Last time you have been at the hospital? Lupa 😦
47-Favourite drink? Air Putih ajalah..
48-Do you have carpet in your room?: yuhuuu !
49-The place where you cried last time: toilet πŸ˜€
50-An unforgettable moment: lost my mom and dad 😦
51-Someone you miss? in there Surabaya
52-Do you believe in supernatural things?: Yes
53-How your life will be in ten years? I don’t know, will be betterlah πŸ™‚
54-Who sent you this e-mail? Do you want to say something to him/her? Si sammy, i miss ur touch πŸ˜₯
55-If you could turn back time, where you would return? ada deeeeh πŸ™‚
56-What do you do when you are bored? Jalan jalan ahh…
57-Words or sentences you use too much? Yayaya!
58-The most annoying thing in the world? backstabber!!
59-The best thing in the world? respect and care
60-At what hour do you go to sleep? 2 AM
61-Who do you think will answer you to this e-mail? no one!! aku ngangggur dan menunggu ngantuk soale..
62-IΒ΄m sure this person will send me the most funny answer? who? tell me!
63-Who do you think won’t answer you? i don’t know
64-A part of your body?: eyes and heart
65-Your biggest bad habit? Moody, mAaf yha, yg sabar jd temenku πŸ˜€
66-Best feeling in the world?: in love… in bed.. Sleepp πŸ˜€
67-The first thing you think when you wake up? Jam brapa ini!
68-Are you scared of storms or do you like them? nope
69-Sex or love?: love and sex adalah sahabat pena
70-If you could be another person, who would you like to be? Dian Sastrowardoyo πŸ˜€
71-A present that someone gave you? Watch
72-Size matters? :/ mksdte ?
73-Beach or mountain? pantai.. Lebih enak kyak e
74-Do you collect anything? yes..
75-Do you have any phobia? yes!! ehem.. πŸ™‚
76-What would you do if tomorrow was the end of the world? find him, and have wild things with him..
77-Are you in love? not really
78-Would you like to be in love? hanya orang gila yang tidak mau..
79-A sentence : opo koen !
80-Favourite hobby? Sleep, travelling, chitchat, kuliner πŸ˜€
81-Your greatest virtue? friendly
82-Your greatest fault? lek udah percaya susah dikandani.. saya bebal
83-Your next trip will be to? surabaya… ehem
84-What time is it now? 23.12 AM
85-Do you have anything more to say? get well soon yang sedang bermasalah dengan perut, siapa saja.. suer, mencret iku ndak enak rek.. makane jaga kesehatan


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